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College of Humanities and Social Sciences
College Features and Strengths


  1. Global Mobility for Faculty and Student

The College encourages and offers financial support to our students for their overseas study and/or internship by means of the MOE’s “Scholarships for Excellent Students to Study Abroad,” “Pilot Overseas Internships,” and “Hardships for Students to Study Abroad” projects. The College endeavors to fulfill the Ideal of Internationalization via Asia University 317, that is, the ability of at least 3 languages: Mandarin Chinese, English, and programing language or second foreign language, the opportunity of going abroad at least once (1) in their 4-year study via the university’s 7 pathways.


  1. Interactive Academia-Industry Collaboration

The College encourages our faculty to engage in university-industry collaboration projects in both private and public sectors, acquiring in this manner practical skills and knowledge for their teaching. The College is also designing a “maker” program to better prepare our students for the industries and to increase thereby their employability. 


  1. Innovation in Humanities

The College encourages our faculty to use technology to re-invent education, such as the flipped classroom and MOOCs, and to conduct cross-disciplinary research projects by using Big Data. The College tries to foster in our students the spirit of humanity, developing them into 4Cs (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Creativity) talents for the 21st Century.


  1. Social Practice:

The College aims to cultivate in our students the spirit of caring for the minorities. The College also makes good use of the rich resources of local communities, making learning and teaching in this manner a borderless practice and as a foundation for students’ volunteering service.