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College of Humanities and Social Sciences
College Core Course

lCore Skills and Competences

1. Cross-cultural Communication Skills


2. International Mobility


3. Lifelong Learning


4. Caring for the Disadvantaged


5. Team Spirit


6. Innovation and Diversity


lCollege Core/Required Course:

Trends of Thought in Humanities and Social Sciences” is a fundamental and required course of the College, designed to enhance students’ cross-disciplinary competences and to gain knowledge and skills in the fields of Foreign Languages and Literature, Social Work, and Early Childhood Education. Throughout the course, students from different departments of the College are provided with a platform to interact, to do peer-learning, and to teamwork.


lCourse Objectives:

CognitiveTo be aware of important figures, development of major currents of

thought and the growing and learning experience of great masters in humanities and

social sciences.

AffectiveTo be able to emulate great masters by knowing how they endeavored to

pursue knowledge and to care for the society .

SkillTo be able to display knowledge and skills through writing or performance of the major concepts of great masters in humanities and social sciences


lCourse Requirements:

1. 14 reflection papers in total and 300 words per paper


2. 3 project reports on the following topics: Foreign languages & literature , early childhood education, and social work and 3000 words per report.


3. Semester-end presentation: Poster or video presentation


4. Awards available for outstanding presentations in the following eight categories: health, caring, innovation, excellence, Chinese, English, information and discipline.