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College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Asia University Video [ 2018-06-20 ]
English-Taught Program [ 2018-03-16 ]
The 10th graduation performance by the Department of Early Childhood Education was staged at the International Conferenc...
Students’ learning outcome of Au’s “English-taught general education courses” was displayed at the Language Corridor (M2...
The 10th Graduation Drama Performance by the Department of Foreign Languages & Literature was staged at the Internationa...
Christmas Season Fiesta [ 2016-11-29 ]
Speeches on Flipped Classroom
Speech(II):Successful Flipped Classrooms
Speaker:Deputy Dean of International College
Distinguished Professor: Wen-Chi Wu (吳文琪)
Time:2016.11.16 12:00-14:00 P.M.
Speeches on Flipped Classroom
Speech(I):Flipped Classroom Research
Speaker:Deputy Dean of International College
Distinguished Professor:Wen-Chi Wu (吳文琪)
Time:2016.11.9 12:00-14:00 P.M.